Govt Steps Up Efforts To Promote Telmedicine

Members in charge of the follow up committee of the National Strategic Digital Health program

Plans are underway to pool together quantitative and qualitative human resources required for the implementation of the strategy

Efforts will be stepped up to improve on telemedicine in order to meet up with the objectives set up within the framework of the 2020-2024 National Strategic Digital Health Plan.

Meeting in Yaounde on June 3, for the first session of the interministerial committee in charge of the monitoring the implementation of this strategic plan, members brainstormed on better ways to improve telemedicine in Cameroon.

Members of the committee were installed during the meeting by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Public Health, Professor Louis Richard Njock who chaired the meeting.  He stressed the growing influence of telemedicine especially with the outbreak of the COVID-19.

On his part, the Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat of the Committee, Mr Batoum presented an overview, context and objective strategic plan.

According to him, the vision of digital health strategy is to improve the health of persons wherever they find themselves, thus the services must e made available. He said that the strategy must improve the efficiency and sustainability of health systems in the delivery of quality care. It must also strengthen and expand health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, management, rehabilitation and palliative care.

The digital health strategy should also aim to strengthen research and development, innovation and collaboration between sectors.

Thus, discussion revolved around seven axes whose objectives focus on improving governance and leadership in the field of digital health, on the qualitative and quantitative development of human resources necessary for the implementation of digital health strategy, among others.

Several recommendations were made, one of the most relevant being the inclusion of training in medical informatics in the curricula of universities and medical schools in Cameroon.

Professor Bedjang, a specialist in the field, was charged with maturing the project and will in turn return a feedback to the Ministry of Public Health. He will also be responsible for drawing up a directory of trainers in the field.

It was on the unanimous adoption of these recommendations that the first session of the Interministerial Committee responsible for monitoring the implementation of Cameroon's national digital health strategic plan 2020-2024 closed.

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