Expressing Anger Abroad!

The drama is taking place hundreds of kilometres away from home but the debate over the issues has been spreading wild thanks to the social media and the local press is equally relaying the spectacle. This concerns some Cameroonians who have supposedly grouped themselves in Geneva where the Head of State and First Lady travelled on Sunday 23 June 2019 for a brief private stay.

Those who feel angry enough with events in the country and may be are unable to return home decided to intrude into the hotel where President Paul Biya and his entourage are lodged. The information has been that they plugged the Dutch courage to want to get to the Head of State.

Some observers have been asking to know who really constitute the group which is ready to go that far? The simple answer could be that they are Cameroonians. But again, are they into politics? Are they of the civil society or are they a militia given that they obviously know the Head of State has a right to security even in foreign land?

Social media broadcast on their activities have not only been showing bitter exchanges with security forces but also an all out physical fight. This keeps many wondering if that is how low Cameroonians are determined to drop in order to demonstrate their disapproval and differences. At first sight, the impression would be a lack of appropriate outlet to express an opinion or the inability of those concerned to exercise their rights at home. The second reason could be that the political space is inadequate thereby obliging some to move away and yet remain concerned by events going on in the country. This is legitimate. Several other justifications may even exist and sound more convincing. Yet, the bottom-line is that the Head of State has over the years reminded all citizens of the need articulate views even if they are contrary to those of the ruling class. Taking liberties to go public and in an ignominious fashion may end up not being detrimental only to one person. This is because any bad image of Cameroon by Cameroonians will objectively affect Cameroonians irrespective of status.

Some have in the past thought that by attacking the symbols of State they are doing harm to the country forgetting that they are also part of the whole. It may be easy to say a country or its leadership is bad, but people may have to reflect on the consequences of lacking both to understand how hard the vacuum could mean. Thus, the desire to voice any viewpoint may not only depend on the courage or resolve to do so but also; the approach and circumstances do matter a lot. Otherwise, demonstrators may end up simply with a bullet in their own legs thinking they are shooting at others. Political parties have for the past 30 years taken position on various topical debates in Cameroon with the rebirth of multiparty democracy. Others have had varying fortunes and that has not dampened their spirits to keep battling for space and voice within the national triangle. Taking to foreign grounds to express whatever differences may hardly end up helping the country. Unfortunately, those who do so think it is still about the Cameroon that everybody ought to respect.

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