Valorising Physically Challenged Persons : Parliamentary Network To Champion Course Created

Members of the network poised to champion the course of the inclusion of physically challenged persons in national activities.

Abbreviated “The Bridge”, the platform has as mission, playing an intermediary role between physically challenged persons and the public while accelerating the resolution of their problems.

In an effort to accompany the government of Cameroon and partners in protecting the rights of persons living with disabilities, a Network of Parliamentarians for the Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Public Life abbreviated “the Bridge” has been created in Yaounde. The information was made known in Yaounde on June 27, 2019 during a validation workshop chaired by its President, Senator Pierre Flambeau Ngayap. The network consisting five Senators and six Members of Parliament (MPs) from different political parties has as mission playing an intermediary role between physically challenged persons and the public while accelerating the resolution of their problems by the government of Cameroon and encouraging their participation in the activities of the nation. 
According to Senator Pierre Flambeau Ngayap, the parliamentary network is aimed at advocating for the respect of the rights of physically challenges persons in the community and assisting the government to take more consideration in helping these persons by ensuring that their problems are solve accordingly. “They need to be taken into consideration in the process of national decision making as statistics indicate their population counts about 3 million persons and they contribute in electoral process,” he stated, adding they will work with partners to attend their objective.    

For Senator George Kinyang, the legislators who they are have to facilitate the putting in place of laws that promote the rights of these persons and ensure that they function normally in society. “People who are physically disabled do not need to feel that they don’t have anything to contribute to the building of our society. We are all children of God and talents are not based on physical appearance. We have the moral obligation therefore to ensure that the physically challenged persons are protected and they function well in nation building,” he stated. The lawmaker said the network will equally embark on general public sensation to combat ignorance on the perspective of physically challenged persons in the society.  The Senior Inspector of Social Affairs at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Angelica Bih Mundi epse Ambe, who was present at the workshop lauded the initiative outlining other measures taken by government to promote physically challenged persons. She noted that advocacy continues with partners for the inclusion of wheelchair pavements in public building and on the highway. Angelica Bih Mundi epse Ambe revealed they are working with the General Delegation for National Security for the computerisation of disability cards for the aforementioned persons

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