2019 Cameroon Cup : Stade Renard Crowned Champions

The two teams fought hard throughout the 90 minutes.

For the first participation, the team from Melong has won the trophy and will represent Cameroon in the CAF Cup.

Stade Renard of Melong have been crowned champions of 2019 edition of the Cup of Cameroon final that took place at the Yaounde Omnisports Stadium yesterday June 30, 2019. This year’s final pitched Stade Renard of Melong against AS FAP of Yaounde. 
Despite the chilly weather, inhabitants of Yaounde came out in their numbers to watch the final match. As early as 1:00 p.m. thousands of fans thronged the surroundings of the stadium waiting impatiently for the gates to be flung open so that they could get comfortable seats in the stadium. Inside the stadium one could see supporters of the two teams on either sides of the stadium cheering the players with song and dance. 
It was indeed an exciting encounter as both teams were meeting each other for the first time. Also, the Stade Renard and AS FAP were playing the Cup of Cameroon for the first time. Stade Renard started with an offensive game and good play style which paid off with an early goal at the fourth minute by Jules Hyppolite Thio Tadoum. The situation forced AS FAP to wake up from slumber and fought back. The move was fruitful as AS FAP equalised at the 32nd minute through Achille Mba. The goal was an encouragement for the AS FAP who worked harder to go beyond that level. Both teams separated at half time on 1-1 score margin. 
On resumption, Stade Renard continued dominating the game but squandered most of their scoring chances. However, Hyppolite Thio Tadoum increased scores for Stade Renard at the 56th minute and Aristide Jordan Kouayep scored the third goal for Stade Renard at the 76th minute. AS FAP put a strong resistance and at the 82nd minute a substitute player, Hervé Eloundou, scored the second goal for AS FAP. Efforts by AS FAP to equalize were futile. Stade Renard carried day after beating AS FAP 3-2.

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