Star Building:Diaspora Organisation Announces Leadership Training

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute receiving the Lead Mission International officials.

Prime Minister Chief Joseph Dion Ngute on July 3, 2019 granted separate audiences to delegations of Lead Mission International and Belgian company IRISTONE Consulting.

Cameroonian men and women will in separate training sessions in Yaounde beginning today, July 4, 2019 receive leadership training skills for the better management of their families, professions and the nation as a whole. The training session is organised by the United States of America  based Lead Mission International whose founder and President is Cameroonian- born Dr Madison Ngafeeson.

Prior to the start of the training programmes, Prime Minister, Head of Government, Dr Joseph Dion Ngute received the Lead Mission International team of officials and experts and expressed the gratitude of government for the programmes that has been taking place in Cameroon for the past four years. He said Cameroon was currently going through a lot of tribulation in the North West and South West, as well as in Far North Regions probably because somewhere, somehow there has been failure of leadership. He promised assistance to the organisation when ever it is needed. Dr Madison Ngafeeson disclosed that they are in Cameroon now to organise a Men Leadership Conference where men will be given skills on their leadership roles in the family, profession and nation with the purpose to make them create an impact. Another programme is the leadership conference just for women to train them on business, monitoring and homemaking.

The Prime Minister granted the second audience to a delegation of the Belgian company, IRISTONE Consulting and their Turkish counterpart, ILCI INSAAT SANAYI VE that have manifested interest in building a tramway to link the two sides of the Wouri River in Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala. After the audience, the Belgian Ambassador to Cameroon, Stéphane Doppagne, said they came to discuss the tramway project, specifically the conditions and contract. He said they received a favourable reception from the Prime Minister.

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