GICAM-ANOR Concert on Norms

GICAM called on ANOR to use norms as a tool for protection and promotion of competitiveness.

The meeting took place at the GICAM conference hall on Monday July 1st, 2019.

The General Manager of ANOR, Charles Booto A Ngon on Monday July 1st held a meeting with members of the Employers Union, GICAM to edify them on the need for certification according to the norms and standards of the country. The meeting held on the theme; “normalization, competiveness of enterprises, professionalism of actors and cleansing of markets” had to do with ANOR’s new domains of action and stakes for enterprises, the national system of quality in Cameroon, the ownership of the process of elaboration of norms by the private sector, the process of certification as well as the representation of the private sector within the social organs of ANOR. Speaking during the meeting, the ANOR boss said respect for norms helps sustainable economic growth. Reason why he initiated the meeting in order to acquaint GICAM members with the concept and advantages of certification. The move falls within the framework of a nationwide sensitization campaign on the need for respect for norms and standards. The President of GICAM, Celestin Tawamba said the Employers Union was cognizant of the significance of norms and standards and was instrumental in the adoption of the charter of investments which gave birth to the National agency for Norms and Quality. GICAM went further to sign a convention with ANOR with the objective to ameliorate the competiveness of the private sector through the promotion and development of norms and quality approach. He however lamented that ANOR is like an obstacle to business due to the cost of its services and the procedure for certification. He said many goods in the market do not respect national norms and imported goods have an advantage over locally produced ones. GICAM therefore recommended the reinforcement of the mechanism for control and surveillance of the market, a reform of the process of certification and the usage of Cameroonian norms as a non-tariff barrier for some sensitive sectors.

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