North West : Free Delivery Kits For Pregnant IDPS

Senator Regina Mundi has inspired hope in  internally displaced women who feature child bearing challenges in the North West region. Some 150 pregnant IDPs from the region received free delivery kits from the Senator on May 29, 2019 in her crusade for zero maternal/ infant mortality in the child bearing process. Convinced that pregnancy is God’s gift that must be handled with care, Senator Regina Mundi chose to stand by the pregnant IDPs; most of who cannot afford basics for a stress  free delivery after escaping violence from their homes with the ongoing socio political and security crisis to blame. On song in the region as a caring mother who cannot afford to see fellow women die while giving life; Regina Mundi has also stated preparedness to bankroll the cost for some of the selected pregnant IDPs who will undergo caesarean sections. Offering the kits at the premises of Bamenda Regional Hospital, Regina Mundi challenged stakeholders to embrace the project especially at a time when child bearing challenges are increasing. Driven by the campaign message ahead of the March 25, 2018 Senatorial elections, the Senator is Poised  to fare track the reduction of maternal/ Infant mortality.

It is against this backdrop that earlier on August 14, 2018, she kick-started the crusade with a donation of healthcare equipment to the Nkwen Sub Divisional  Medicalized center also known as PMI Nkwen. The facility received Caesarean Section Sets, hysterectomy, delivery sets and circumcision sets, episiotomy etc.It was to help  matters for the  health facility faced with challenges of handling some 800 women who file out for antenatal clinic every month for about 150 deliveries that feature some 40 Caesarian sections monthly. Around to cheer the May 29 show of generosity and care at the Regional hospital premises , the Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr. Che Soh Kingsly and an expert in reproductive, Prof. Robert Leke hailed Senator Regina Mundi for giving maternal health a chance with the offer of kits that help matters. Regina Mundi will be taking her health care crusade to more health facilities in the months ahead.

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