Senate: Six Senators, Personnel Decorated

Happy recipients pose with Senate President and some bureau members.

They were awarded medals by the Senate President on behalf of the Head of State in recognition of their services offered the nation.

A total of 13 persons comprising six Senators and seven personnel serving at the Senate have been decorated by the Senate President, Marcel Niat Njifenji on behalf of the President of the Republic on July 9, 2019 in acknowledgment of their services rendered to the country. The ceremony took place in the presence of the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Relations with Parliament, Bolvine Wakata, other Senators, officials and well wishers.

The Senators who were decorated with different medals include Senator Amadou Alim who was awarded the Grand Dignity of the Order of Valour and Senator Simon Kingue who received the medal of Commander of the Order of Valour. Senators Benjamin Amama Amama, Julienne Foutchou epse Djakaou, Patience Endene Minyem Felicite epse Eboumbou and Pierre Namio each were given the medal of the Officer of Valour. As for the personnel, Henri Tchantchou was decorated with the medal of the Knight of the Order of Valour. The other people mostly made of Officers of the Gendarmerie were bestowed with the medals of Knight of the Order of Merit and medal of the Merit of Public Force.

Speaking to the press after receiving his medal, Senator Amadou Alim who was honoured with the Grand Dignity of the Order of Valour, said he was very happy and at the same time humbled for the recognition. To him, his medal is a continuous call for work in his community and at the national level.

Warrant Officer Simon Blaise Ondobo whom together with two other Officers were awarded the medal of the Merit of Public Force said his decoration is a clear indication that hard work, loyalty and dedication is being appreciated. “My sentiments are those of joy. As that officer of the law and order, I will continue to serve my country with the objective of maintaining peace, protecting persons and property,” he stated.

The award of medals to the aforementioned citizens falls within the framework of May 20 medals awarded to individuals in appreciation to their services offered the nation in their respective spheres of work

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