“We Are Preparing Best Candidates For Upcoming Elections”

Dr Benz Enow Bate, President of the Cameroon Democratic Party (CDP).

What has the Cameroon Democratic Party (CDP) been doing on the field after having supported the candidature of President Paul Biya in the October 2018 presidential election?
The objective of being in politics is to lead and so we are just fulfilling our objective. Our party officials are encouraging citizens of voting age to register in the Elections Cameroon’s (ELECAM) electoral registers. And since one of our general missions is also to accompany the Head of State, President Paul Biya’s political action in promoting peace and living together, we equally give press conferences on the importance of living together in a peaceful and prosperous Cameroon. For instance, on December 7, 2018, we gave a press conference calling on the separatists to drop their guns and embrace the  Head of State’s call for peace. We have been reacting whenever there are attacks against Cameroon like the one on Cameroon’s embassy in Paris, France. We campaigned so that electoral conflicts do not take place in our country.

Will the Cameroon Democratic Party run for the 2020 legislative and municipal council elections?  How far has the party gone with preparations for the elections?
You see, now we are at the heart of preparation for upcoming elections which concern our municipal councillors, Members of the National Assembly and regional councillors. We are preparing the best candidates of our party to go in for the upcoming elections.

You are from Manyu Division in the South West Region and your party has been a key threat to other parties in previous local elections. What has been the contribution of the CDP to the return to peace in that area and plans for the two elections?
The CDP has been sensitizing the population on peace. Both government and citizens need to show commitment towards such an initiative. It is a two-way process and a continual process. And we call on the Head of State to grant mercy to our misled brothers. We thank the Head of State for having heard us. The National Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Committee which is another giant step to resolve the crisis in the English-speaking North West and South West Regions is our idea. We also proposed the creation of a structure to take care of the humanitarian needs of the people and the Head of State created the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan to cater for the affected people in the socio-political crisis stricken North West and South West Regions.

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