Cameroon-France : Two French Military Officers Decorated

The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence decorated them at a ceremony at the Ministry of Defence on July 12, 2019.

The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo in the name of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya raised the French military cooperation officers; Colonel Escudier Etienne and Colonel Brossard Alain each to the rank of Knight of the National Order of Valour.  President Paul Biya in decree No 2019/339 of 01 July 2019 appointed them on an exceptional basis into the National Order of Valour. 
Chairing the medal -ceremony, Defence Minister, Joseph Beti Assomo said it was the celebration of the Franco-Cameroon military cooperation that has grown and diversified. The ceremony marked the end of their mission to Cameroon. To the decorated officers, he addressed the congratulations and gratitude of the defence and security forces for their commitment to work during their tenure and especially their proposals that are being used to further render the forces more efficient. Colonel Escudier Etienne who worked in the cabinet is said to have been very instrumental in strategies for the fight against Boko Haram. Colonel Brossard Alain on his part, worked with the National Gendarmerie and was said to be instrumental in the road safety strategies.
The Ambassador of France to Cameroon, Gilles Thibault said the recognition  of the two French military cooperation officers at the helm of State indicated the quality of relations between the two countries. He said the medals came to crown  years of hard work for the officers and represent honour for Cameroon and  France. The Ambassador lauded the defence and security cooperation between the two countries, citing the French assistance in training institutions such the International War College in Simbock, International School for Security Forces (EIFORCES), among others.

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