“The SDF Is Waxing Strong”

John Fru Ndi “As regards the meetings we have been holding, it is to discuss the life of the party.”

John Fru Ndi, National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front.

What is the general situation of the SDF party?
The party is waxing strong notwithstanding the North West and South West Regions of the country. The SDF party has in recent times unfortunately been attacked on several occasions. Mayors and other party officials are being kidnapped, threatened with houses and other properties being burnt. We are experiencing attacks from both fronts that is the opposition and the separatist fighters alike. Why is the SDF the only party being asked to leave Parliament (National Assembly and Senate)? There are other Anglophone persons in Parliament, but am still to understand why only the SDF representatives are the ones being threatened and asked to leave the law making houses. Despite the unfortunate events, our party still carries out certain political activities. Of course, you will agree with me that the SDF is very present and active as far as the political life of the country is concerned.
You have for some time been holding meetings with party officials in Yaounde. What is the objective of these meetings?
It is true I have been holding meetings with my party officials. But one thing you should not forget is, I have a home in Yaounde and therefore can come to town when need be. In addition, following the unfortunate incident that happened to me, I thought I come to Yaounde and have a quiet moment. During my kidnap, I was hit on the head, slept on what seem a bamboo bed and could not follow my treatment normally. On the insistence of family and friends, I came to Yaounde with plans to see how I can travel for proper medical check-up. As regards the meetings we have been holding, it is to discuss the life of the party. The meetings were also geared at ensuring that the resolutions of the National Executive Committee (NEC) meetings have been implemented. As you know, every party just like any house has its internal problems, so we meet to solve these misunderstandings. Finally, we always make the population know about the proposals of the SDF party towards pertinent issues in the country.
What are the future activities of the party for the rest of the year?
As a political party, we have socio-political, humanitarian and other community involvement projects that we constantly embark on either annually, quarterly or as the need arises. As elected representatives of the law making house, SDF officials before the social tension in the North West and South West Regions constantly provided assistance to the underprivileged. We went around helping the needy in hospitals, churches and other social homes. In fact the SDF is the party that started the humanitarian assistance approach. At the wake of the crisis, the party continues and has even stepped up its assistance to the internally displaced persons. The present socio-political context is playing negatively on the smooth respect of our political calendar. Government should take the responsibility and make the country governable and enable politicians to organise political activities so that the political and economic life of the country can be regained in its totality. The party wants a proper follow-up on the visit of the Prime Minister, Head of Government to the two Anglophone Regions in May 2019. It is now known that there is a national problem which needs to be addressed as soon as possible. There is need to talk to those boys who have entered into rebellion and bring them back to reason. 

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