Situation In The North West : Defence Chief of Staff Sizes-Up Security Operations

Evaluating security operations in the North West region.

Visiting Major General, Rene Claude Meka inspired the population to collaborate in giving security a chance towards a return to normalcy.

Insecurity rocking the North West region following the ongoing socio-political crisis was topical during a working visit presided by Defence Chief of Staff, Major General, Rene Claude Meka in Bamenda on July 18,2019. It was all about an outing that helped the Defence Chief of Staff to size up security operations in the process of giving the security and protection of people and property a chance. 
After the working session with hierarchy of Defence and Security Units of the 5th Joint Military Region, Major General Rene Claude Meka appealed to the population, which is in dire need of a return to normalcy, to embrace security operations, and collaborate to give peace a chance. He revealed that he and collaborators deliberated issues of insecurity and precise instructions were given for operations to work towards a quick end to violence. He acknowledged that pockets of resistance are still evident with the population taken hostage with kidnappings for ransom and threats to schools resumption.
Major General Meka was on the field with the Infantry Chief of Staff, Lt General Baba Souley, the Coordinator of the National Gendarmerie, Brigadier General Elokobi Daniel, the National Commander of the Fire Brigade, Brigadier General Mahamat Ahmed. The working session came in the backdrop of continuous threats, kidnappings for ransom, road blocks, destruction of property and killings suffered by the population of the North West region. The administration and economy of the region has been considerably slowed with ghost town calls that do not help matters. The North West region is indeed, not at ease with itself since the socio- political and security crisis set in in 2016.

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