Cameroon Insider Kicks Of

Cameroon Insider Kicks Of

The long awaited strictly Anglo- Saxon publication of the Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation SOPECAM kicks off in Yaounde today

Preparations at the newspaper’s head office ahead of the maiden edition seemed quite hectic, demanding and at the same time exciting for the crew who worked tirelessly to ensure expectations are met as planned. With all hands on deck to guarantee a hitch free launch, the entire staff was on seat and on time July 24. By 10:30 Wednesday, about 90 per cent of the pages had been laid except pages 1 and 3 which are the most difficult, interesting and widely read pages. After the maiden edition, it is expected that the newspaper continues sailing smoothly as it had been the case with the first publication. The bi-weekly newspaper of 16 pages long is primarily aimed at getting a typical reader’s digest of the entire content within 30 minutes. Cameroon Insider hopes to occupy a credible and respected presence on the Cameroonian media landscape with what its staff promises will be balanced, fair and factual reporting. The paper, has as General Coordinator Emmanuel Tataw assisted by a seasoned Coordinator and a Copy Editor who are aided by a group of talented, smart and hardworking individuals. After today, the dynamic team comprised of young journalists would obviously need grooming, as it is always the case, the beginning is often difficult with a team that encompasses writers of diverse backgrounds. It is expected the different aspirations of these reporters tie with government’s objectives. The team aims to differentiate the newspaper from its competitors by broadening and diversifying its content as Cameroon Insider has come to stay. With motto ‘The Right Information’ Cameroon Insider is bent to inform, educate and entertain.

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