Digital Economy: 400 Youths Equipped

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The youths have been trained to take advantage of their Microsoft, Google and internet knowledge to explore the offers that come with the novelty, rather than spending hours chatting on social media or even scamming

Some 400 youths have been equipped to take advantage of the new but growing novelty of online business. The training session on Digital Economy that held in Yaounde, was organized by the National Agency for Information and Communication, ANTIC and it brought together youths from different schools and universities. Speaking at the opening last week, the Director General of ANTIC, EbotEbotEnaw exhorted participants to take advantage of the rare opportunity and augment their information and communication technology know-how.

This, the Director said is happening thanks to the partnership ANTIC has built with strategic organisations that also desire to see lives improved. For three days, the students got skills on Microsoft, google and internet. Facilitators at the forum were a cream of experienced, passionate and enthusiastic experts carefully selected to take the learners a rung higher on their drive to economic empowerment. 

This training comes in the backdrop of the negative attributes associated with the internet especially among the youths. While most youths use it to scam, watch porn, spend hours on the social media to the detriment of their studies, the training gave an opportunity to the students to see how much wealth they could genuinely and legally generate through the internet.  It is so obvious that there are so many openings available in different internet platforms. It often is a job announcement, online jobs or even online businesses. The buying and selling of goods and services online has gained popularity and that is ANTIC’s peg. Their goal was to let the leaners know how blossom the digital economy can be. And of course it is. Think about the number of people who view a Facebook post. Experts and bloggers have said that is a market place. The online following, they say is bigger than the of people who visit some shops. 

ANTIC thinks this is a window youths should tap from. The National Agency for Information and Communication exists to help the state promote and monitor public policy in the Information and Communication Technology sector, regulate, control and monitor activities, related to the security of electronic communication networks and information systems, as well as electronic certification in collaboration with the Telecommunications Regulatory Board.

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