Flower Business Flourishing


Graduations and other festivities coming with the close of the academic year are said to be causing an upsurge in the flower business

The purchase and sale of flowers is gaining steam in Yaounde as inhabitants begin feeling the ecstasy characteristic of the end of the academic year. Vendors are seen in some strategic locations, targeting parents heading to school campuses, where they participate in end of year activities organised by different schools.

Norris Nche, one of the vendors at a school in the Ezzazou neighbourhood testified that he had just switched to hawking flowers as they have proven to be more lucrative now. “I normally sell stuff like mosquito bed nets, sheets and other stuff.As the academic year comes to an end, many schools are organising graduations, and other forms of parties. We bring these flowers with the hope to get these parents as the troop in to join their kids in celebrating the various successes,” Norris Nche stated.

Flowers have for a long time been associated with feasts of all sorts. Bertrand Belibi, a parentto a pupil who graduated from primary school last Saturday said he attaches a lot of emotions to flowers. “I like buying flowers for things like these because they portray a lot of emotions. My kid graduating from the primary school, for instance, is not something I should take very likely,” the parent said.

Belibi’s views are shared by many other users as they can be seen purchasing huge quantities and sometimes of very high prices especially when mourning the death loved ones. The prices of flowers sold by the vendors range from FCFA 500 to 2000.

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