Major National Dialogue: Pope Francis Prays For Peace in Cameroon

Pope Francis has issued a special message calling on christians to pray for lasting peace in Cameroon as the Major National Dialogue opens on Mo,day September 30.

Below is the Pope's complete message for peace in Cameroon....

"Tomorrow, Monday September 30, there will begin in Cameroon a meeting of National Dialogue, to look for a solution to the difficult crisis which, for some years now, have affected the country. Uniting myself with the suffering and hope of the beloved people of Cameroon, I invite everyone to pray so that such a dialogue maybe be fruitful and lead to true and lasting peace for the benefit of all. May Mary, Queen of Peace, intercede for us," Pope Francis said in a statement released by the Vatican.

The Major National Dialogue will run from September 30 to October 4 at the Conference Centre in Yaounde.

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