National Assembly Unveils Activity Calendar

The National Assembly has revealed some of the items that will feature on its work agenda when the June session of Parliament rumbles off tomorrow June 8.

The sessions of both Houses, recall, were convened last week by bureau orders of the National Assembly and the Senate.

According to a statement released by the Communication service of the lower House late last week, MPs will get themselves busy in the next 30 days in four key areas of activity.

Apart from routine legislative work which will include the debate on the orientation of the 2022 budget and on the bill to ratify a recent presidential ordinance revising some portions of the 2021 finance law, the lawmakers are also expected to have something to do with the children’sParliament.

Per the statement, the children’sParliament shall take place in a hybrid format during the session, with junior Parliamentarians from the Centre Region attending physically in the House Chamber, while their peers from the rest of the regions will participate via videoconferencing from the regional headquarters.

In the course of theJune session, MPs willalso take part in some special plenary sessions touching on a number of issues of burning national concern. They will also exchange views and hold briefing sessions for the General Committees of the House.

Special plenaries programmed to take place will touch on three issues, namely the socio-economic and political stakes of the issue of land tenure in Cameroon and its legislative perspectives; advocacy on the improvement of legal instruments on child protection in Cameroon; and the worrying problem of access to electricity and water by a vast chunk of the Cameroonian population.

On General Committees, five of them shall be involved in business this session, according to the National Assembly statement. Members of government will be invited to talk to Committee members about government policy in their respective spheres of operation, we learnt.

The opening plenary of the National Assembly is scheduled for 11:00 am while the rendez-vous at the Senate is fixed for 4:00pm tomorrow.

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