Love boundary

During cultural and religious ceremonies, it is often said, love has no boundaries. The passing away of Mr Mbiandong challenged the aphorism. Mbiandong, the lone and beloved son to a family, the darling husband and father of three, passed away suddenly.

Relatives wept and lamented, with many vowing to the top of their voices to accompany the deceased to the grave. On the way to bury Mr. Mbiandong in the village, something happened. The coffin bearing his casket slid on a steep hill, hit the back booth of an open-air van, fell and opened. Mourners sitting round the coffin, unconsciously jumped off the car and took to their heels.

On jumping, on his part, the deceased’s uncle had his dress hooked on a spike of the van. He screamed, asking Mbiandong “why me? I didn’t kill you. Free me” But the driver told him, it’s just a hook and not the dead man “Pa.”

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